Sculptural, Graphical artworks & Poems


 Gyula Friewald

Gyula studied applied art at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Art in Budapest, where he specialized in metalworking techniques and design. After obtaining his degree in 1982, he received numerous private and State commissions which showed his talent in his field. Many of his prestigious works still remain in Hungary. Gyula has worked in external and internal architectural spaces; which led him to develop into the more sculptural aspects of design.

He moved to England in 1988 and started his own business, GYG Creative Metalwork, using his own unique artistic style he made many exciting designs producing grills, gates, signs, lights, staircases and furniture and more. In the last few months of the 20th century he began carving wood. This was the prelude to moving to Spain in 2001.

It was in this period Gyula revived his skilled craftsmanship in the ancient art technique of repousse and combining it with his wood sculptures. Enriched by his social and philosophical outlook and deep respect for nature he chooses specific themes, like

  • Seeds (for their physical features and symbolic significance) which led him to the theme of

  • Migration, and consequently to the theme of

  • Masks (the instrument of disguise, a tool for surviving and protection and sometimes to hide, or to threaten).

    The seeds; He, as a sculptor,  became inspired by their physical beauty of seeds and their marvellous harmony between form and function.   Seeds are the chain between generations of living creatures, and the essential tool of their multiplication and dispersion in space.    Are the continuation of life, from one generation to another that requires a temporary dormant form of the original organism. This is the task of seeds, to carry and pass the genetic code information of previous generations, whether plant, animal or human.     Through their genetic evolution, the appearance of the seeds, their shape, color  texture and structure varies in accordance with their biological needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As an artist, he is fascinated by the amazing and essential role of seeds, and their migration through all elements.

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