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The Green Shaman whispers…

The Green Shaman whispers…

Look into the deep purple abyss of my heart.
To feel into my fish eyes
the wondering hyenas of pain
the smile hatching
patience of moments.

To see all in my heart,
where screaming desire rise
in the arterial crater.
Where the instinct bleats
child’s belief blinks.

To feel into my eyes,
touch fluffy clouds
on my tribal horizon,
like smoke messages
in the eternal genetic space.

To look into my dark
womb of intuition and
the cradle of love,
echo beat of drum where
membranes of fear hung.

To see all in my heart
the seed’s faith
patiently wait
for the rain
to grow from tiny grain.

There my ego
holds onto the rope
and anchor of life
in the boat of hope

Gyula Friewald © 05/01/2012

One response

  1. Such an extraordinary poem, beautiful choice of words that create stunning images.
    A true talent!

    03/02/2013 at 19:22

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