Sculptural, Graphical artworks & Poems

The Blind’s Greeting

The Blind’s Greeting

On the slope of age
Man walk in the blinds cave
Inside the ground waves, sways
Wise old drops of water cools down
thin cracked skin of brains.

Oxygen is dissolves noise
of dripping time,
Noticed by his fading
alabaster fingers
under the summer dress of life.

On the wall of mind, parrot-mirror
turns to cool pond of experience
with crystal’s depth.
Desire melts to sensuous giggles
and streams down on our spine.

Silent scream electrifies
idling eyes, left-right, left-right
follow sniff’s guide.
Memory world is seek and hide,
send faded postcard of blinds.

Gyula Friewald © 22/08/2012

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