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All dressed as witches.

Hovering above my senses,

loitering in corners of their jail,

gliding to Reggae shapes.


Soft wing’s silent, blue smile

flashes during the chase.

Steamed windows

limit their space.


Pixie birds chattering

behind sight,

bushes close up to cover

of gracious feather’s delight.


Anna shuffles and flutters

chiffchaffs away,

her young laugh

causes déjà vu sway.


Precious moments stamped

images into my retina

to see again in my call

of the arms of a new era.


Gyula Friewald © 15/07/2012


Emilia Romagna


Terracotta handstroke

stuck  bricks to bricks

formed streets, towers and gates

like reverse earthquakes.


Arches of days and nights

dark green and blue

named after saints or criminals.

Years turn to bricks of sancturies.


Smile turns grim and perches

on the brim of senses.

As violin plays on memory,

smoky winter’s melody.


Now, the angel makes love

to fallen, gray and fat dove

in plenty of melted butter,

in mouldy friary’s kitchen.


Meanwhile the monk stutters

lovers profile quickly turn to

intricate calligraphic patterns

on venous bricklayer’s hand.


Gyula Friewald © 28/06/2012