Sculptural, Graphical artworks & Poems

Shadow of the Fist


Mysterious smile of the Moon
shimmers on the silent sea.
Deep among silver shiny Shiva arms
twitches tumor of life.

Flickering song of candle light
glints up in eyes.
Gliding noble angel mantle
casts giant shadow into
abyss of oceans.

Now, radiation hums up,
trapped in the net of harmony.
Equation light beam turns around
while behind of curtain God’s love
pummels mothers, batters sons, into the ground.

To survive big flood, select seeds,
place in the bottom of your boat.
Evening, return to family needs.
Morning, quietly milk the goat
and sow those amazing beans.

Old porcelain bush jungle,
once ruled landscape.
No hiding place in rubble.
Return or escape?
Anywhere he rambles,
the ruined winners are, everywhere.

Gyula Friewald © 09/11/2011

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